Andrew Henley-Welch     Lindsey Henly-Welch

Andrew and Lindsey Henley-Welch moved to Portugal in 1970 from the UK with the intention of planting a citrus orchard for producing fruits for sale in Portugal.

After purchasing land in the area of Foral they began the task of creating their citrus orchard. Clearing the land took 2 years with most of the rocks being transported to the coast and used in the construction of the new marina in Vilamoura.

At the same time a small nursery was started to provide the trees for the planting the orchard.

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By 1975 the first crop of fruit was harvested and by 1980 the company had built up a nursery which was producing citrus plants to sell to farmers in the region for their own orchards.

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In 1985 Viveiros do Foral started producing plants for landscape gardeners and garden centres throughout Portugal. Plants were introduced from South Africa and Australia and by 1987 Viveiros do Foral was propagating and selling over 200 different varieties of flowering trees, shrubs and climbers.

Throughout the late 80`s trials were carried out to discover how to grow ornamental citrus trees.

In 2000 the nursery went through a radical restructuring. Viveiros do Foral began to specialise in ornamental citrus tree production for the European market. By this time the company was annually producing 500.000 ornamental citrus plants.

In October 2001, Viveiros do Foral created a sister marketing company, Green Synergy BV, in partnership with Jean-Philippe Soumagne. Green Synergy BV is located in the village of De Kwakel in the Netherlands, in the heart of the European plant industry and within 3 kilometres of the Aalsmeer plant and flower auction.

Green Synergy BV can supply citrus plants quickly and efficiently to any part of Europe.

By 2004, Viveiros do Foral had expanded production to 800,000 citrus plants in four different pot sizes with distribution through Green Synergy BV to 16 European countries.

In 2008 a further 20.000 m2 of modern green house was constructed to allow for the production of 12 cm pots.

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Present were the Minister of Agriculture, the President of the Camara of Albufeira, and the Regional Director of Ministry of Agriculture of the Algarve.

The current annual production is 1.5 million citrus plants sold into 32 EU and East European countries.

Viveiros do Foral continues to research new ways of production and presentation in an on-going effort to provide highest quality citrus plants to its customers throughout Europe.